Ben’s Legacy

When Ben was going through his battle with Translocational Renal Cell Carcinoma there was an outpouring of financial support from those who knew and loved him to help ease the financial burden of his cancer treatments. When Ben lost his battle with cancer in 2016 there were extra funds left over from this generosity. This initial money was used as a catalyst to start what is now known as the Benjammin McAllister Scholarship Fund, in partnership with his doctor, Dr. Peter O’Donnell. Funds to support this continue to be raised each year through the generosity of those who attend yearly BenJammin Bash events in Bloomington, Illinois and Minneapolis, Minnesota. 100% of all funds raised go directly towards these scholarships. 

The goal of these scholarships is to provide the young minds in the University of Chicago medical community, with the support of Dr. O’Donnell, with the experience and resources so that they may be able to discover a way to help a young person like Ben live a longer, healthier life. 

To date, we have raised over $98,000 to support cancer research and have supported 8 scholars who have authored 21 important publications in working for a cure to cancer.